Marketing Automation Powered by Informz®

Automate campaigns & personalize emails.

Sophisticated marketing automation made simple.

Nurture, connect and drive members to take the next step.

Personalize the member experience.

Create a one-to-one member journey by leveraging the integration of YM’s AMS and Informz®. Deliver the right message at exactly the right time through every touchpoint.

Increase efficiency with automation.

Automate campaigns with behavior-triggered messaging. Easily create emails with drag-and-drop tools and custom templates which are optimized across multiple devices.

Make data-driven marketing decisions.

Analyze email, campaign activities and performance with comprehensive dashboards. Measure behavior with scoring, heat maps and subscriber analytics.

Powerful email campaigns.

Integrated email marketing to increase conversion.

With so much valuable information sitting in your database, Informz® for YM strengthens your member relationships and experiences with the right message to the right person at the right time through powerful data integration directly from your AMS.

By integrating your AMS with your email marketing efforts, you can segment lists, trigger autoresponders or even dynamically change the content of your message to match the characteristics of each member.


Easy-to-use tools to improve engagement.

Campaign Design & Automation

Easily create and map campaigns with the visual designer. Automate campaigns to kickstart the member journey.

Lead Scoring

Score actions and behaviors to convert the most engaged visitors into lifetime members.

Send Time Optimization

Automatically send emails when your members are most likely to open them by using data about past behavior.

Persona Management

Create simple, drag-and-drop personas from data within our AMS.

Virtual inbox

Preview your emails on dozens of email provider systems and mobile devices before you hit send.

Mobile Optimization

Identify which devices your audience is using and optimize your content.

Email Reviewer

Reduce email editing time by allowing editors to make comments directly on a snapshot of the email.

Reporting & Dashboards

Identify important email trends with heat maps. Analyze member behavior and campaign performance.

Webinar: Key findings from the Informz® email marketing benchmark report

Uncover the highlights, lowlights and key findings from the first-time publication of marketing automation performance metrics.


“We have been able to improve our data through YM and Informz®, and, in turn, we are able to promote our digital products more as a revenue source. Being able to not only track links in emails, but also track purchase conversions, has been extremely valuable to us.”

Maggie McGary

Society of Fire Protection Engineers