Board Approval Tips for Small Staff Associations

Tips to make a compelling case to your board that it's time to get on board with new membership management software.

Does your board know how much time your staff spends on tedious processes?

Don’t let spreadsheets or multiple different systems hold you back from your organization’s goals. The amount of time it takes to pull data and reports or any other technical challenges you have encountered, and what staff could be doing instead of dealing with these challenges.

Help your board better understand your members and improve your association’s value; point out to them that a modern membership management system will empower the organization and the board to make data-driven decisions.

This webinar will prepare you to speak confidently and intelligently about why it’s time to invest in new technology.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • A checklist of the key elements your business case should include
  • Suggestions for the types of detailed information to present to your board
  • Key points to make to your board as you present your business case

Access the webinar

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