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Grow your chamber’s membership and engagement with YourMembership

Your Chamber in the business of building a powerful business community and engaging your members. You shouldn’t have to worry about cumbersome technology, that’s what we do. YourMembership helps your chamber promote chamber membership and activities in your community while easing the workload.

Build a stronger business community with your members

Eliminate and streamline administrative tasks with an all-in-one solution

Provide more value to your members, ultimately driving more revenue for your chamber

Ways YourMembership can help your chamber


Efficiently and easily manage all your chamber activities in one system


Attract new members with a web presence accessible on any device


Drive referrals with a member directory


Automate membership renewals, event registrations and payments


Build stronger member relationships through a built-in social online community


Personalize messages and appeals to members and prospective members


Easily manage memberships and finances for a variety of dues structures


Grow non-dues revenue by easily managing every aspect of your in-person and virtual events


Better understanding your members’ needs through dashboards and reports

Grow, engage and retain your chamber’s membership

Learn why chamber of commerce’s have partnered with YourMembership for over 20 years.

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