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Member Engagement and Loyalty Study by Community Brands

A close look at what members want from their professional associations and what makes them stick around

Industry Trends

Plan ahead with these 6 tips for effective board meetings in 2020

Membership Marketing

4 signs your association has outgrown messy Excel spreadsheets.

Careers and Learning

8 ways to deliver an unbeatable learning experience for your members

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Reporting Features on Member Management Software

Reporting Made Easy

Most insiders will tell you the best way to ensure a healthy online community is to begin by creating and/or knowing your power users. These are the folks you can count on to log in everyday and update profiles, start discussions, create blogs, upload...

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Reporting Features on Member Management Software

Association Management Software

In a recent survey by ASAE and The Center for Association Leadership, it was reported that 22.6% responded that if their employer discontinued paying their association dues for them, they would surrender their membership; while 5.7% reported they were dropping...

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Reporting Features on Member Management Software

Mobile Social Networking

Are you a Mo-So-Net (Mobile Social Networker)? According to new statistics released from comScore, you probably are. If you're not, then the person in the next cube, house or car probably is. Daily mobile web access to social networking has seen an unprecedented...

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Reporting Features on Member Management Software

Grandpa, What’s a Newspaper?

In yet another example of the printed word going virtual, Seattle's 146-year old Post Intelligencer has stopped its presses and geared up its website. The newspaper will now be online only. Partly due to a beleaguered economy and partly due to the rapid-fire news...

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