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Member Engagement and Loyalty Study by Community Brands

A close look at what members want from their professional associations and what makes them stick around

Industry Trends

Plan ahead with these 6 tips for effective board meetings in 2020

Membership Marketing

4 signs your association has outgrown messy Excel spreadsheets.

Careers and Learning

8 ways to deliver an unbeatable learning experience for your members

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Where Do You Fit in the On-Demand Economy?

Living in the Golden Age of Disruption

It is becoming increasingly clear that we are living in a terrifying and equally amazing time that may be referred to someday as “the golden age of disruption.” The pace of change we experience today is both exhausting and exhilarating, depending on your perspective....

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Where Do You Fit in the On-Demand Economy?

Ringing the Bell for Member Engagement

I’ve just returned from the 5th Annual MASAE Mid Year Meeting, and I’ve been thinking about some great ideas that were shared during the event. From Greg Melia’s Opening Keynote “The Rules of Engagement: Enhancing Membership in Your Association” to Shelly Alcorn’s...

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