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Empower your volunteers with a powerful AMS

What would your association do without your group of trusty volunteers? That’s why it’s key to reward your volunteers’ hard work and dedication with an all-in-one AMS that has all the features they need to create a bigger impact at your organization. 

With YourMembership’s easy-to-use AMS, you can offer your volunteers the fulfilling member experience they deserve.  

Ready to give your volunteers the power to do more? Watch this 15-minute on-demand demonstration to learn how to: 

  • Give volunteers access to group-admin permissions for more autonomy. 
  • Broaden your volunteer’s knowledge with YM learning from OnDemand training to bundled courses. 
  • Empower volunteers to sell sponsorships, ad space, and more through online stores or during registration. 

This webinar is for people looking to learn more about YourMembership’s AMS. If you are a current YM customer, and in need of training, please contact us at support@yourmembership.com. 


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