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of association pricing strategies

Learn how to increase revenue and membership with proven tactics

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Is your association's pricing set too high or too low?

Or has your organization just avoided making any changes because of uncertainty? Setting the right price for your association’s offering can be confusing with all the constant changes in the world, but not adjusting it properly limits your organization’s chance to increase membership or revenue.

Join Community Brands for a workshop to learn about the most effective pricing strategies through a focus on events, learning programs, career centers, and membership models.

Workshop top takeaways include:

How to test your value proposition

Examples of how to offer members vs
non-member pricing

How and when to communicate to your members on pricing change

Proven strategies for growing your association’s revenue

Will the price be right for your members? Don’t roll the dice — watch the recorded webinar today.


Workshop hosts:

Michelle Schweitz

Marketing Director,
Community Brands

Tirrah Switzer

Director, Product Marketing

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