Blueprint to boosting association membership

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Do you spend time only on either recruiting or renewing members to boost membership?

It’s no secret that acquiring and retaining members are both at the top of the priority list for you. You might feel overwhelmed as your association’s survival is crucial right now.

Join YourMembership on this free webinar as our membership experts walk you through the easy steps for developing an effective recruitment and renewal plan to show value and benefits of membership. Learn how to get the support of your current members to recruit more members and easy ways that are proven to recruit and retain members to increase membership.

At the end of this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Tips for recruiting and renewal email frequency
  • What student recruitment looks like today
  • How to build a member-centric culture and the impact on retention

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Michelle Schweitz

Michelle Schweitz

Marketing Manager


Tirrah Switzer

Tirrah Switzer

Product Marketing Manager

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