The Big Reveal: Ins and Outs of Small-Staff Associations

Associations with small staffs face big challenges. They must attract and engage new members and plan for their organization’s future with limited resources.

55% of small association professionals do not feel technologically prepared to meet member needs today and in the future. How are you preparing for the future?

The majority of industry research is centered around all types of associations, which leaves small-staff associations not knowing where to start. With this new focused study on small-staff associations, you can have the right information to make a big impact for your members.

Join this webinar to learn about our new research on small-staff associations!

What you’ll learn:

  • How your small-staff association measures up to others
  • How to employ a strategic plan that incorporates growth, engagement and retention
  • Identify the right set of demographics to deliver personalized experiences

Access the on-demand webinar

This webinar was previously recorded April 5th, 2019.

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