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With YM’s association management software (AMS), member engagement is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Exceed your mission-critical goals with our world-class AMS platform that unifies your membership operations.

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Ignite your organization.

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    Make member connections easy

    Members can easily connect, collaborate and share across your organization’s social community, expanding their network and developing lasting relationships.

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    Grow Revenue

    Recruit and retain members with appealing and valuable membership content that drives revenue.

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    Improve performance

    Automate administrative tasks and processes to make your life easier.

“. . . I am the biggest fan. I use it at my organization that serves about 10,000 members. For us it was a game changer. YM took our processes and . . . cut them by 75%, which is like gaining another full-time employee. That’s huge!”

Kristen Merrifield, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Make member engagement easy.

Email Marketing Automation

Implement tools to frequently send prompt and relevant communications to your members and prospects.

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Mobile Event App

Captivate your members and energize their event experiences by placing everything in the palm of their hands.

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AMS Features

Attract and engage members with a compelling experience that builds your brand online and meets organizational goals.

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