Advertising solutions to increase your non-dues revenue.

Partner with a dedicated, world-class sales team to power your association.

Boost website traffic

Offer game-changing industry content and valuable communications to drive more traffic to your website.

Improve member engagement

Connect your members to relevant products, services and events that promote better job performance.

Increase non-dues revenue

Generate new streams of revenue from metric-driven advertising and sponsorship sales at no cost to you.

Future-proof your non-dues revenue with programmatic advertising.

Generate new revenue streams for your advertisers, exhibitors + sponsors.

Until recently, it’s been a challenge for some associations to deliver value to B2B digital marketers. Programmatic advertising is a new source of creating non-dues revenue for associations. Through this fast-growing digital marketing method, your association can now offer your advertisers sophisticated campaigns that display their ads to your members across the entire web.

Why choose programmatic?

  • More than 70% of digital ad purchases are expected to be programmatic by 2017
  • 87% of advertisers report better results
  • Have the ability to create recurring campaigns + revenue
  • Give advertisers access to your members beyond those who have visited your website

Rethink the way you add new revenue with programmatic advertising.


Let’s get started

Leave no stone unturned with turnkey ad solutions.

Nurture valuable sponsorships + partnerships, while supporting your brand.

Well-known associations worldwide outsource with our professional sales team to agilely pursue advertisers and sponsors, delivering more valuable member communications and events. You get metrics-driven ad sales for your digital, print, event and other advertising and sponsorship assets. You also refresh your existing assets, such as online advertising, buyer’s guides, print advertising and newsletters, to develop new streams of non-dues revenue and additional member value.

Advertising services above all others.

We address your challenges.

Many associations tell us they focus on member value, but aren’t confident in their ability to maximize much-needed non-dues revenue. Others say they’re stretched too thin to find and build revenue-producing relationships with new advertisers and sponsors.

  • Deliver new member benefits and increase advertising and sponsorship revenue at no cost to you, while allocating your resources to the things you do best.
  • Make partnerships count by strengthening vendor relationships, improving your service to sponsors and keeping them in front of members.
  • Provide more industry value with sophisticated advertising solutions for vendors and sponsors, driving measurable results for them and more revenue for you.


Grow Your Non-Dues Revenue

“We didn’t anticipate the income from the Resource Guide in this year’s budget . . . . In three months, the guide has paid our software bill . . . plus a little extra income.”

Heather Kinkade, Executive Director, ARCSA AP, LEED AP, FASLA, American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

Rev up your non-dues revenue engine.

Keep it running with YM Media solutions.


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Buyer’s Guides

  • Connect members, partners + prospects
  • Build a branded online marketplace
    Expand supplier + vendor ad relationships
  • Develop more non-dues revenue channels

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NewsFlash News Brief

  • Deliver the week’s most relevant news to engage members
  • Sell sponsorships alongside compelling content using our professional sales team
  • Support and extend brand integrity

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Advertising Solutions

  • Tap into undiscovered revenue potential
  • Take advantage of the latest comprehensive programs
  • Increase website traffic
  • Raise member attention and value

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Online Networking Events

  • Appeal to young professionals
  • Elevate sponsorship value
  • Accelerate non-dues revenue

Increase non-dues revenue and more effectively engage members.

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