New Member Onboarding Kit

Do you provide the “hook” needed for you to build a relationship that lasts for years to come?

The first interactions with your organization make a lasting impression on a new member. Most people decide if they’re going to participate in your organization long-term within the first months, days, and even minutes of joining your association.

Make your members love your organization from day one, and you’ll keep them around for the long haul!

Unlock the New Member Onboarding kit resources:

  • Infographic: The New Member Onboarding Timeline
  • Ebook: Onboarding new members for long-term success: 6 ways to impress new members
  • On-demand webinar: How to host a new member orientation (in 30 minutes)
  • Articles:
    • How to welcome new members at your virtual events
    • Tips for onboarding emails that make your new members feel welcome and keep them around for years to come

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