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Drive significant non-dues revenue, increase member engagement and grow membership. YM’s career center platform and services ensure that your members access exceptional job opportunities and employers compensate you for getting broader exposure of their jobs to members. Create additional value and revenue by partnering with state or local chapters of your association, or even similar associations, with networks that expand their reach.


Boosting site traffic and recruitment ad revenue.

More than just a hosted job board, your career center features powerful candidate marketing, job distribution and SEO that drive up to 100% more job posting views and applications. Partner with YM to make your publications synonymous with recruiting talent and finding jobs in your industry.



Attracting talent to support products at client sites.

Encourage young talent to enter your industry by showcasing jobs related to your products and services at customer sites worldwide. Alternatively, showcase jobs in your user group communities or on your alumni community sites.


Powering the most successful niche job boards.

Build a recruitment advertising business that maximizes your traffic and revenue. Unleash impressive job seeker marketing, job distribution and search engine optimization (SEO), while delivering employer functionality to attract, screen and manage applicants. Leverage YM’s massive network of job posting data and advanced software technology to deliver value to employers and attract candidates.


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