Customer Health Check

A YourMembership customer benefit that provides an easy way to measure your organization’s health.

Take the quiz

Create your own user feedback survey


YourMembership will match your answers with personalized recommendations to improve day-to-day workflow and your overall organization’s health.

Take the quick evaluation quiz to answer questions on your association’s current state of membership from retention, engagement, recruitment and revenue.

Health check benefits include:


Personalized recommendations to meet (and exceed) your strategic goals


Maximize your success with YourMembership AMS


Tips and tricks to grow membership, drive engagement and boost your bottom line

YourMembership is here to help you achieve more.

Quiz results sent

After you have completed the quiz, you will receive your results and first round of content recommendations via email.

Schedule your full review

Your customer success manager will contact you to schedule a personalized one on one review.


Personalized full review

Full analysis of your organization’s revenue data and assocation benchmarks. The review also includes individual feature recommendations within YourMembership.

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