Flexi Layout Family

Our widest layout, FX-01 features a maximum width of 1125px, a large slideshow and plenty of room for flexible zones and custom content.


Red indicates areas that you can disable but not move or swap with other Zones or sections. These areas include the site header, footer and Zones. Zones are dynamic content areas (like the event calendar) that are created automatically and populated with content entered on the backend of your site.


Green indicates custom content areas that you control completely! Use our built-in WYSIWYG editor to add content, photos, custom graphics and more. You can also add HTML, JavaScript and custom RSS feeds in these areas.

Technical Specs + Details

  • The site-wide logo will be placed inline with the menu items.
  • The homepage slideshow is designed for images sized at 1125 pixels wide by 360 pixels high.
  • The top menu can handle about 5-7 menu items, depending on font size and style.
  • This layout is designed to have a concise, easy to navigate menu with unlimited amount of dropdown submenus.

Getting Started

Design Code

Tell your support specialist the four-digit code FX-01 for this design and we’ll get started!

Branding Kit

Download this PDF for important design requirements and detailed specifications.