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by | Oct 20, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

I’ve waited to post so I could batch some of our newest roll-outs. Below are only the highlights of the biggest features. I’ve only included a sampling of what we’ve launched recently (after all, we’re never done, always introducing new features and enhancements). So grab a nice cuppa something and let’s go over what offers now (of course, by the time you’re done reviewing this list, we’ve probably added more. That’s just how we roll.):

CEU and Certification Award System Members can now earn continuing education units (CEU) to achieve Certifications and can also track other certifications using journal entries.   Administrators can create and manage two types of certifications on the backend:

  1. System-Generated Certifications — Based off of CEUs automatically awarded for events attended, surveys completed and quizzes passed.
  2. Self-Awarded Certifications — Members can self award system certifications (as allowed by their member type) or create ad-hoc Certifications.

Our CEU and Certification Award System also features:

Macro Available for Frontend Certification Page —  The macro will dynamically generate a bulleted list of the events, surveys and quizzes, which award CEUs toward the system-generated certification.

Notifications for Expiration — tells members when their certifications are ready to expire.  Below are the three notifications members will be eligible to receive:

Certification Expiration Reminder — Sent to a member when one of his/her certifications is about to expire. Admins may customize the number of days that this notification will be sent out.
Certification Expiration Reminder (Last Day) — Automatically sent to a member the day before one of his/her certifications expire.
Certification Has Expired — Sent to a member after one of his/her certifications has expired. The number of days at which point the email is sent may be customized.

Filter Added to Certification Journal — This drop down allows admins to filter their certifications. They can be filtered by entries related to specific system-generated certifications, self-awarded certifications or all certifications.

Date Turns Red Upon Expiration — The date under the column “CEUs Expire” will turn red when the CEUs expire.

Three New Event Reports Added

Members can now generate reports based off of event registration:

Event Attendance (shows number of registrants for each event, the number of attendees and the percent of registrants to attend)
Members Not Attending Events
Top 100 Event Attendees’s customers received these new features and enhancements (as well as others not mentioned here) at no additional charge and they were available immediately to our entire customer base.  Ahhh…the power of SaaS.


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