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by | Sep 24, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

One of the reasons we’re told people choose us over our competitors time and time again is because we offer the largest feature set for the least amount of money. We’re kind of the “all-you-can-eat” buffet of membership management software. 

Last week a customer told me one of the things she likes best about us is the fact that she can chose the features that work for her — employ them now and then as her organization grows and needs change, she can employ other features as well. Our software grows with her. She also mentioned that she loves how she can toggle our features on and off to meet her organization’s needs. She’s super exited about trying our micro-blogging feature because she can start at any time (on her schedule, not ours). She values that she’s in control of the administration of her site and when she has questions, she can ask — even if she just asked the same question last week.

Her candid remarks made me smile. Who hasn’t forgotten something when using new software? I wish when I forgot how to work some of the equation/graphing features in Excel that I could’ve turned to the support team. Would’ve been a whole lot easier than Googling answers on the Internet and I would’ve felt more confident in the answers.  Not to mention they’re super nice folks to talk to.  Even if you have a mind like a steel trap and you never forget any of your training, there may come a time when you hire someone new and instead of you having to sit down with them and train them on our system, you can come straight to us — for no additional charge, even if you do this every week. Seriously. It’s all included.

We also allow for redesigns of your site as often as you like. You can change out your website every season if it suits you. You can share the administrative duties among twenty people (or more), up to you, and we’ll train every last one.

Unlimited means just that. Get as much, as often as you’d like — just like in a buffet. But with you don’t have to worry about us giving you dirty looks if you’re coming back for the third time in as many minutes.  We want you to and we’ll keep bringing out more new things to keep you satisfied.  I’ll have a few more for you on Monday. Have a great weekend.


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