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by | May 13, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

j0439345Well, we’re at it again. We’re constantly working to improve our service and provide our clients with the most robust, user-friendly online community. We “crowd source” our development schedule so that ideas from our clients are given the quick attention that our community requests. Our users vote on the order of importance for these rollouts. The more essential the feature is to our users, the quicker it tops our development list so think of this as the not so glitzy version of the People’s Choice Awards. Drum roll please…..

Restrict Store Access To Members Only – now allows its users to restrict access to their store to members only. (By that we mean their online community members, not those guys with the jackets from the 80s.)

Member Referral System – The “Refer a Friend” system allows members to spread the word (and track their success) via a special encode link in each “Refer a Friend” email. In addition, the member may copy and paste a special link located within the “Refer a Friend” section of their member profile that can be used to send referrals without using the form on the site.

When a person registers through that link, a referral is recorded for the member who sent the invitation. The member who sent the invitation may view their referrals, their referrals’ referrals and their 3rd degree referral via the Refer a Friend system. In addition, a member’s referrals are referenced on the administrative backend in the member’s profile.
New Site Launch Date Countdown – Now our members can select a launch date causing a countdown to appear on the administrative backend welcome screen. It displays the number of days left until launch and even reminds members if the expected date has passed. This system not only provides a countdown for administrators, but also helps our customer service team better serve them during initial site setup.
Once live, the admin can click on the “scheduled” link within the launch date countdown on the welcome screen and then click “OK, we are ready. Launch the Site!” and the countdown will be removed and we’ll know you’re live! 
Thanks to everyone for continued great ideas and feedback. You are an essential part of our success.
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