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by | Jun 11, 2010 | Industry News & Trends is in a constant development phase. We’re never satisfied with our success and strive to bring more value and added features to our customers on a constant basis. We roll out between 150-200 new product features and enhancements a year and because of our aggressive development schedule and individual roll-outs our customers never have to wait for batched, yearly or seasonal roll-outs. Read below to see what exciting new features we are offering free to our customers:

Separate Payment Gateways Now Available for Each Commerce System

Customers may now have different payment gateway accounts for each of the commerce systems – dues, donations and store. For example, if they used BluePay for credit card processing, then they could have up to three different accounts established, allowing them to send dues payments to a different account than donations and then another account for store purchases. This great new feature provides our customers with additional flexibility and allows for more efficient accounting.

Event/Conference Check-In System

Each event our customers create now allows for online check-in that will automatically toggle the user to “attended” in the event registration system once check-in is completed. The online check-in system uses the event registration ID that is provided to the registrant via the notification system and printable event registration confirmation. In addition a new customizable page summary has been added for online check-in.

Have questions about how these features can help you or need a more in-depth look at our membership management software plus social networking solution? Contact us today.


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