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by | Jul 9, 2010 | Industry News & Trends is proud to announce our new invoicing and transaction management systems. These features will make payment processing, reporting and event registration easier and more flexible.

Announcing the New Invoicing System with Multiple Payments, Adjustments & More

In a nut shell, the changes we’ve made allow our customers to record partial payments, make adjustments to invoices, and every purchase (dues, donations, store) goes in with two transactions – an invoice and a payment. customers now have the ability to record partial payments and make adjustment to invoices. Administrators may now perform several new functions, including View Transaction History; Make an Adjustment; Record a Payment; and Process a Credit Cart Payment. If you want more details about our invoicing system take a look below:

  •  Invoice Transaction Manager is also searchable by several criteria.
  • Invoice View has been completely redesigned. For store and membership invoices, promo codes are displayed as separate line items beneath the item they were applied to (or at the bottom of the order details if the promo code was applied to an entire order). Payments are no longer shown in the summary.
  • Payments/Adjustments section on transactions – We’ve introduced a new section at the bottom of an invoice for transactions called Payments/Adjustments. All payments submitted to the invoice, as well as any follow-up adjustments, are displayed here. A notes field, is available for every transaction in an invoice. These notes display below each payment/adjustment along with the date the payment/adjustment was applied to the invoice. This section also has a summary which contains a total of payments/adjustments and the balance due on the invoice.
  • The PAID stamp now shows based on the balance due. Admins may mark an order Closed, but it will not be considered PAID until the invoice balance is zero.  
  • Submitting a payment via credit card for an outstanding invoice – “Bill Me” members can now change their payment option and pay via credit card. (Partial payment by members can be done by an administrator. Administrators who use the link to submit a real-time payment for a customer will have the option to edit the payment amount.)
  • Invoice Last Sent Date – Our customers can now keep track of the last date an invoice was sent. In the admin sections for dues, donations and store orders — the Email Invoice icon will show (in the hover) the last date/time the invoice was sent to the member.
  • Reports & Saved Queries – Many new commerce-related reports have been added including: receivables, sales, payments and transaction details. In addition, allows you to save your queries to be re-run at a later date, which ultimately provides hundreds of new instant report options.
  • New Aging Options – New custom date ranges have been added to all date-range search options in the administrative backend. For example, 0-30 Days Ago, 31-60 Days Ago, 61-90 Days Ago, 90+ Days Ago. Users can combine them with saved queries. For example, you can easily create a saved query for all open invoices over 90 days old using these new aging options.
  • Dues Processing – Filters for Membership and Modifiers has been added to the Dues Processing page. Also, the Memberships page now has a quick link next to each membership.
  • Donation Processing – A filter for Donation Fund Name has been added to the Donation Processing page in the administrative backend. Also, the Donation Funds page now has a quick link next to each fund.
  • Dues View page has been combined with the Dues Edit page. Comments are now editable even after dues transactions have been closed.
  • The Contact Information on the Donation Details page is now editable by administrators.
  • Members now have the ability to view their online donation history and status as well as their online store order history and status.


Master/Sub Account Enhancements
The Master/Sub account system has been enhanced to increase flexibility, reporting and member review. The following enhancements have been made:

  • A master account can now have sub-accounts that have their own sub-accounts. This new structure supports up to 100 levels of Master/Sub account relationships and is viewable in a tree view. Talk about flexibility in structure and member type!!
  • Master accounts can now edit their immediate descendants (first level sub-accounts) without having to sign in as each account.
  • Master accounts will be prompted to review and update their descendants during membership renewal. This provides a reminder of their sub-accounts and ensures the account information is kept current.


Event Registration Form Search Added
You may now search event registrations (and custom field data) from the event registrant list page for the specific event. This is extremely useful in creating rosters/lists. For instance, if one of your form questions is what session(s) will the registrant attend (with checkboxes for each session), you could search for a session and export the registrant data so you have a roster for that specific session.

As with all updates, enhancements and new features, these robust features were free of charge to all customers.

…and finally for our customers with the SocialConnect add-on, a brilliant enhancement…

SocialConnect Twitter Feed Added – This provides the ability to allow members to imbed their Twitter feeds into their profile pages. is proud to offer these updates and rollouts to its customers.


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