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by | Nov 9, 2009 | Industry News & Trends Inc., a leading global provider of online member communities and membership management software, recently announced the launch and immediate availability of its new plug-in for Blackbaud®’s The Raiser’s Edge®. The plug-in is an optional add-on product to that enables the automated, on-command synchronization of core member data between and The Raiser’s Edge.

“This new plug-in allows us to help our customers who use RE streamline their business processes via our real-time, single-click member data synchronization system,” said William Stover, Jr., CEO and president of “We solved an important business need for our customers by bridging the data gap between and The Raiser’s Edge. Now, our customers who use The Raiser’s Edge have a simple, affordable solution to synchronizing their valuable member data between and RE.”

The plug-in includes an intuitive configuration wizard and synchronization features, and once installed the plug-in is accessible via the Plug-in Menu within the user’s local version of The Raiser’s Edge software.

Using the configuration wizard, users can set the plug-in to synchronize by constituent code and address types; map member types to The Raiser’s Edge constituent codes; configure the plug-in to manage and map certain fields, and more. Once the client runs the configuration wizard, the settings are saved and administrators subsequently can synchronize member data via a single click within The Raiser’s Edge.

The plug-in’s synchronization features update core member data including fields containing biographical information such as first name, last name, etc.; address types for multiple addresses such as preferred, business, etc.; spouse information; membership data; and more. Membership data fields include member status, dates, membership type, verification data, etc.

Reporting and conflict resolution features also are available via the plug-in for The Raiser’s Edge. The plug-in automatically generates synchronization reports and logs that are easy to understand and stores these reports and logs for quick reference. As an added level of protection and accountability, the plug-in logs when – and which – administrators make modifications to the plug-in configuration settings.

For conflict resolution, the plug-in captures and illustrates which data fields have changed since last synchronization and allows users to decide whether to sync from The Raiser’s Edge to or from to The Raiser’s Edge. Within the plug-in, users may address data conflict resolution down to a field-by-field basis, and they may choose to review all records during synchronization.

The Raiser’s Edge® is a registered trademark of Blackbaud Inc. and/or its affiliates.


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