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by | Oct 26, 2010 | Industry News & Trends offers our customers the most robust membership management software for the price. Our integrated solution is designed to make our customers’ daily tasks more efficient and manageable. With our following new features we make it easier to incorporate third-party affiliate tracking, batch process invoices and customize your “thank you” messages. Check them out: 

Third-Party Affiliate Tracking Product Integration
Functionality has been added which allows for the integration of any compatible third-party affiliate tracking product. This feature may be implemented by simply pasting the markup and/or script required by your affiliate tracking provider and inserting the necessary macros. Once implemented, the affiliate tracking code will be embedded into the final (thank you) page of all commerce transactions with transaction-specific values, such as invoice number and amount, in place of the corresponding macros.

Invoice Batches
Functionality has been added for grouping transactions (invoices, credits, payments and adjustments) into batches. An invoice batch is a snapshot of the commerce transactions during a designated time frame. Once created, an invoice batch can be exported, downloaded, then imported into accounting software.

Registration Thank You Page Now Customizable Per Member Type
The registration thank you page can now be customized for each member type, giving our customers greater control in their messaging capabilities and providing a more personalized experience.

That’s just a sampling of what’s in store for our customers. Check back here often to see what we’re doing and how we can help.


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