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Your Goal for Social Media – Friday Fix

by | Jul 20, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

There’s quite a firestorm brewing on the social webs. nextgen Journal featured an article written by Cathryn Sloane in which she argues “Why Every Social Media Manager Should be Under 25.”  It’s either powered by youthful arrogance or a brilliant marketing/PR move, if you believe that all publicity is good publicity.

For associations and chambers who have been looking for ways to entice Gen Ys into joining their membership organization, maybe employing a Social Media Manager under 25 is appealing. Offering a youthful voice and exhuberant tone may be just what you’re needing to stoke the membership fires. Maybe not. The real decision maker in this arguement is what you are trying to do with social media. Yes, there I go talking about a social media goal again. If you want someone who gets the technology and has a smart phone, there’s a wide ocean to fish in. But if you’ve tied your social media goals into revenue or membership goals, maybe you need a more seasoned strategist. Whichever you approach you find best suits your needs, remember that although your social media manager, manages your social profiles and online community, social should not be left to one person. Becoming more social is something your entire organization can take part in. Your membership chair should be “social” as should your executive director and so on. If you run a “social” organization, allowing for multiple areas to get involved is smart.

Okay….I have to know, should all of the social media managers be forced into retirement at 26? What say you?


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