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You Want It Now? Agrees

by | Apr 21, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

Choosing membership/online community software is a major decision on your organization’s to do list. Comparing all of the different plans and pricing structures can be maddening. knows you have other things to worry about so we’ve made it super easy. No matter your community size, no matter your informational/content needs, our pricing is straight forward including all features, unlimited admin seats, unlimited members, unlimited customer service/training, unlimited data storage, unlimited emails and messaging, data housing and backups and all future upgrades and enhancements.

So now that you know how simple our pricing structure is, we want you to consider one more thing. We roll out over 150 product enhancements and new features a year. We crowd-source our development schedule, placing emphasis on what our customers deem as the most important to them.

But that’s not even the exciting part. Some of our competitors may crowd-source but what makes’s development schedule stand out is that our customers get these roll-outs free of charge as they happen. Don’t wait around for an entire quarter (or half a year) with some of the other guys. We know you want the new feature now and that’s when we give it to you. We roll it out and it’s yours. All of our customers are running the same software. There are no upgrades to buy no different versions floating around. Everyone has access to the same things and because our features can be toggled on and off (by your admins at any time), you are in control of your own community…after all, who knows your organization’s needs best? You do and understands that.


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