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Why Our Customers Chose

by | Jun 2, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

Every year we roll out a customer questionnaire where we ask our customers how they feel about our product, services and team. (Sure, we do this at other times during the year, and our idea box is always open, but this is a site-wide survey that they access through our private, online community for administrators.) The answers we receive guide our efforts to further help our member organizations succeed. We are very pleased with the 2010 results (so far) and we’d like to share some of what we’re hearing.

The goals of our customers are varied but most selected us for the reasons below:

  • To provide a more user-friendly site for donors/members/alumni/etc.
  • Increase membership, networking and connecting
  • Gather information on alumni/members/donors/etc.
  • Drive more traffic
  • Increase revenue/online giving through the online store/eCommerce


Some of our administrators had some great ideas on how they could use their existing features and drive more traffic to their sites. They included:

  • Using video testimonials on their site ( allows for easy multimedia uploads)
  • Adding more news about members (there are countless ways to do this. Add a wiki page and allow members to add updates on their own. Post to your news section for larger scale member updates or add them as part of your group forums as announcements. You could even use our NOW! micro-blog to post events in 140-characters or less.)
  • Strengthening communications and aiding an exchange of best practices across their community (exactly what our software’s designed to do!)
  • Adding items to the website that cannot be housed on Facebook, like yearbooks (a private community allows you to place a number of things behind closed doors that you wouldn’t necessarily want on a public site like Facebook.)


Our customers had so many great reasons why they chose us over much pricier solutions that I can’t list them all here. It sufficies to say that provides great value for the cost and since the community control remains in our administrators’ hands, they have the power to create a community that best fits their organization’s needs.

Our survey is still open for existing customers — so if you haven’t done so already — please share your experiences with us.

If you’re not a customer, we’d enjoy talking with you further about your insights, how we can provide solutions and add value for your members, and ultimately, we’d love for you to be a part of our 2011 Customer Survey.


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