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Where Are They Now? Vivify Your Alumni Site

by | Mar 19, 2009 | YourMembership News

The massive popularity of social networking has ignited intense interest in reconnecting with past friends and acquaintances.  This is certainly good news for alumni associations, especially given the ease in which administrators can now contact alumni and keep information up-to-date.  In 1998, we launched to provide alumni associations with a comprehensive solution for managing growing lists of members and coordinating a wide range of data, events and projects.

One of the keys to successfully retaining an active almuni community is keeping members engaged and interested.  With, it is easier than ever to encourage members to interact with the school and each other.  Send out announcements about the school’s latest achievements, plan an alumni event, generate interest for the latest fundraiser – with the powerful tools that you’ll find in, you are only as limited as your imagination!

Looking for new ways to energize your alumni online community?   Use to create a directory that members can update with profiles.  Find out what your members are thinking with customizable polls and surveys.  By providing a fun, interactive site where members can stay up-to-date on their school’s latest events and get in touch with classmates, you’ll likely find that even some previously impossible-to-track-down members will be signing up!


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