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In addition to providing networking opportunities and meeting educational needs for your members,’s member software allows you to manage events. This robust feature handles it all — from attendance tracking, to information posting (specifics for the event — you can even upload directions and a map) to ticket purchasing and the uploading of event pictures. You can even track who ordered chicken and who ordered the steak dinner! The online store gives you the capabilities of deciding whether you want the tickets to be paid for online by credit card (eliminating the need for paper and administrative time) or billed the old-fashioned way. You are in control and can even decide which member types are able to pay online. You can also make events applicable (thus visible) to one group and not another. Want to see your member site offer more? Consider selling event-related products and/or information (maybe your members need to purchase a PDF for a seminar), you make the decision, you upload the details. Each event is customizable so you can set different parameters for every one.

Did your members enjoy the event (maybe a little too much)? You can upload pictures (or allow members to) of your shindig. Send out email thank you letters or save the date reminders for your next event. Poll your members on what part of the event was successful and what could use improvement. Keep a touch log of members you have asked to help. Want more ideas? Talk to us today about how we can help your organization. partners with you to create a site that is not only unforgettable, it’s easy to manage.