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Turning a Compliment into a Connection

by | Mar 3, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

Some of us are natural connectors. I’m referring to people who have never met a stranger who can have a conversation with someone they’ve never met and after five minutes they walk away with a new friend. It’s a very valuable skill to have – whether it’s innate or learned. For me, it’s something I work at.

By now, we all know you have to “grow big ears” and listen a lot to be successful in social media. While you’re listening and contributing great content, you’re bound to start receiving acknowledgment for your work. When you receive the kudos you deserve, thank your fans (of course) but take it a step further. Ask them what they found of interest or value; what they found most helpful. Not only are you opening up conversation but you are returning some of that feel-good attention they gave you.

Plus there’s an added benefit for you – you will get to know your audience even better, allowing you to craft future messages with greater targeted value in mind


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