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’Tis the season for product roadmaps.

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Industry News & Trends

Around this time, everyone is eager to learn what the New Year will bring. YM customers and partners are no different.

YourMembership’s Product Roadmap constantly evolves. But, when the rubber hits the road in 2017, our mission continues to be about delivering an integrated platform to enable organizations of all sizes to see a complete picture of their members’ activity and development. It will prove successful for them and reinforce the value of making that major connection between the products they use and their member communities. More innovative and forward-facing associations understand how technology and demographics are changing. Our single platform will help them evolve faster by driving more engagement and increasing membership, with a focus on simplified processes, analytics and data to create automated and relevant personal experiences, and continuous learning.

Our primary objective is to stay on the path of simplifying interactions for association staff and their members. Just think about the simple things you love and have come to expect like:

  • Quick and easy payment processes, such as using Amazon’s 1-Click Ordering, Apple Pay and Square. Long gone are the days of searching for a credit card in your wallet, then trying to tilt the card just right so you can read those worn-off digits.
  • Streamlined processes, including member renewal, online learning testing, employer job postings, store purchases, event registrations, and more. The first order of business is taking a mobile-first approach, knowing that your members are engaging on any device at all times.
  • Hassle-free application methods professionals have grown accustomed to, using services such as the one-click “Apply with LinkedIn” button and authentication. By shortening the steps and improving the experience across every device, retention improves, event attendance rises, fundraising grows and overall engagement with our associations get a big boost.

In addition, we are committed to reducing business process inefficiencies, saving associations more time and limiting ineffectiveness, by expanding our partnerships and current administration solutions by:

  • Launching financial system integrations with QuickBooks Online and Great Plains. We are also working on an integration partnership with an industry-leading advocacy and fundraising software.
  • Improving our UI, reworking marketing and email creation.
  • Simplifying our UI for reporting tools to produce custom reports around member retention and events, as well as career center and online learning activity.

Then there’s constant learning—the key to unlocking your members’ professional success, which is tested with rapid changes in technology. With the average shelf life of the skills any professional learns landing at less than five years, one of the biggest values any association can provide members today is continued education and professional development. Our goal is to keep investing in our award-winning learning management platform to expand its video and mobile capabilities, as well as grow content partnerships and libraries.

Lastly, we will continue to evolve our technology to provide integrated solutions that leverage data from your job boards, social community, LMS and AMS to better automate personalized experiences for our associations and their members. Every member touch point will be modeled around the personal recognition experiences we know with companies like Netflix and Amazon, encompassing suggestive/trending courses, careers, news, and more. For association staff, we will equip them with deeper insights about individual member health and value to help manage retention and foster engagement.

As the New Year approaches, we are excited about the opportunities our solutions can provide to help make your association a daily habit for your members.


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