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The Power of an Association Job Board

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Industry News & Trends

This week we want to share an infographic on the power of an association job board or career center, and what it can mean to your organization. With 4 million unfilled jobs in America at the start of 2014, many of them in the industries traditionally served by associations, there is real opportunity for your organization to increase its relevance by hosting a career center that brings value to members, job seekers (prospects), and employers looking to recruit the most qualified talent available for their open positions – your members. In today’s job market, there is no more powerful interaction between an association and a member/prospect than helping them find a job. Increasing member loyalty while driving non-dues revenue through a job board is only part of the picture. There are other pressing reasons to have an job board/career center strategy for your association.

Recently, we held a webinar titled Social Networking, Mission Creep, and the 2014 Job Market. It focuses on the 2014 job market and the competition that is poised to challenge associations in the form of social networking job boards – specifically LinkedIn. I  recently wrote about how this will affect many associations in the near future. We hope you will sign up to attend what we believe is an important and interesting topic for all associations looking for every advantage to build and maintain member loyalty in today’s highly competitive market.



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