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The Basics of Alumni Database Software

by | Oct 15, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

One of the reasons social networking has seen an explosion in popularity, is its ability to reconnect people – lost loves, childhood friends, fraternity buddies, college roommates. The alumni community is well-served by software of this sort. provides feature-rich alumni sites, which you maintain. The alumni software is user friendly and intuitive and no knowledge of html or coding is necessary.

As social networking is foremost on most users’ minds, provides robust alumni database software that allows for easy import of your existing members and their contact information. Infinitely easier to update than the old-fashioned paper method, your members handle the updating for you. You can even “remind them to do so” through bulk email. Want to know if alums are updating their profiles? Our reporting feature allows you to figure out just how many have done so during your defined time period.

Rest assured that security is one of our utmost concerns. Learn more about the technical specifications behind our world class software by visiting the technology page on our website. Data security is also important to your users so the alumni directory allows them to keep certain information private from other members while it is still visible to the admin.

With our alumni software, your members will be able to take part in live chat, photo uploads, member searches, blogs and many more opportunities to connect (you control your members’ rights to such features). You can create groups that allow people to form small communities within the bigger community, much like they did while they were in college. The alumni management software also allows you to create user groups that have their own pages. This is particularly helpful for reunion materials that are targeted at a particular set of alums. has worked to create user-friendly alumni software that allows you to send out bulk emails informing your alumni about reunions, events, even donation opportunities. You can also manage their responses with the event planning feature. How about a professional networking feature that allows companies to post job openings and alums to post their résumés? brings you robust, feature-rich alumni software, bringing your dreams of an energized, online alumni community within reach.


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