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The Art of the Volley

by | Jun 5, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

One of the most powerful things about social media is the amplification factor. Your member organization used to only be able to reach a select few over a couple of zip codes without investing a huge amount of money. Now you can reach anyone with an Internet connection regardless of their schedule or time zone.

The hard part of this is balancing the doing (writing the blog) and the cultivating (answering your comments). When you are fortunate enough to reach someone you need to respond. Blogging, tweeting and posting without responding is like playing tennis and then refusing to return a serve. It’s not much of a game or any fun. You and your partner get very little out of it. Be a good player.  If someone takes the time to come to your court, return the volley. You’ll both get something out of it.


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