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SocialConnect Add-on for Facebook

by | Jun 24, 2009 | Industry News & Trends’s SocialConnect for Facebook helps your members promote your organization across Facebook.

The SocialConnect add-on to leverages the Facebook Connect technology, allowing your members to sign-in to your organization’s private online community using their Facebook credentials (username/password). Also, once signed in, your members have the option to post updates to their personal Facebook wall when they perform any of the following actions within your organization’s private community:

  • Post or comment on community blogs
  • Post or comment on group blogs
  • Post or comment on personal blogs
  • Upload photos to a group gallery
  • Upload photos to their personal galleries
  • Promote an event they see on your website
  • Promote a donation fund they see on your website
  • Update their personal profiles
  • Post personal files or links
  • Post job openings within your career center
  • Update their resumés/CVs within their personal profiles
  • Comment on news they have read on your website
  • Post to a community forum
  • Post to a group forum

As your members promote your organization’s activities on the walls of their Facebook profiles, these updates are included on the Facebook feeds of all their connected friends. The more information you share across open social networking websites like Facebook, the greater the opportunity to drive traffic back to your organization’s private online community — thus increasing member registrations, interactions, transactions and brand recognition for your organization.

Learn more about this add-on and how a Complete Online Community can benefit your member organization.


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