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Social Networking: A Positive Amidst so Much Negative

by | Mar 24, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

In today’s economy there’s plenty to get depressed about. Whether bad news is coming from a national reporter or someone covering a red-carpet event – you can’t avoid hearing the words – times are tough…we haven’t faced an economic issue of this magnitude in 3/4 of a century.

But things are not all bad. There are some amazing occurrences happening in technology that have allowed people to connect in ways that took a private detective before. Missing your old college roommate? Wonder what happened to that cute little boy who sat behind you in kindergarten? Social networking and the Internet have made it possible to link up with people you haven’t heard from in decades.

I just recently made contact with a handful of friends from my junior high class. We live in five different states and all have different last names but we can now do everything from share photos to comment on each other’s days (all without the long distance phone calls and concern over time zones.). I have a cousin traveling overseas. Now she is as close as my computer. My 73-year old mom has a web cam and connects with my 19-month old sons from 1,600 miles away. Even my mother-in-law and I connect virtually.

With so many people from different walks of life connecting through social networking, email and blogging we are sure to see a change in how we treat one another. Years from now there will be sociology classes dedicated to the study of how this phenomena changed our culture on a personal and a global level. There will be (and are) seminars on how it changed the face of business, marketing, sales, PR, education.  And isn’t it exciting to be a part of this now?


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