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Social Media Strategy – Tortoise or the Hare?

by | May 18, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

What kind of race are you running?

What kind of race are you running?

Slow and steady wins the race – is a phrase that seems to reward diligence and discourage quick movements into the unknown.  But it’s getting to a point in our society where if you want to be competitive, you are going to have to have a social media strategy of some kind. In the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, even the cautious turtle had to take the first step before he could get his medal. And it’s the unexpected animal who wins, so unexpected that even his competition didn’t see him coming.

I was looking for a pizza place this weekend. I wanted something family friendly, open on Sunday, eat-in, but not a chain (no offense to chains, we just wanted – a pizza exploration, something we hadn’t tried). First thing I reached for (no, I don’t have an i-phone) was my laptop. Sorry yellow pages, you’re just so big and cumbersome. I searched and quickly found a place. They had a menu posted and pictures of the interior but what really blew me away was the fact he had the beginnings of a social media program in place on his site (albeit rudimentary). Send him your pic and your review of his place and he’d post it. It was a tiny community of fans who could access each other’s profiles. I was sold. Had to try it and it was worth it. I may even send in a pic! I wasn’t expecting  a small pizza joint to be embracing technology in this way but he is in the same way the turtle did – slowly. Now as a restaurant he’s probably never going to need a large management software program but why not embrace the people who love you and create the framework for an inviting community of some kind?

Are you a turtle or a hare? Are you out there jumping on every technology bandwagon that goes by and thinking that because you have a web presence you can rest on your laurels? Or are you a turtle who sees what’s out there, plots how it can best be used to your advantage and sticks with it (even if it’s hard work)?  Winning the race was the turtle’s goal but what’s yours? More members? Increasing member retention? Standing out among the competition?

Ask yourself – what are you doing to bring new blood to your organization, new alums to your group, new clients to your company? What are you offering that your competition is not? How do you get your name out to people who don’t know about you? Once they get there, how do you hold them? Do you have a web presence? Do you help your members make meaningful connections? Do you provide them with the kind of news that helps them grow professionally?

What can you be doing better to win that race?


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