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Social is as Social Does

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

We don’t “do” social. We “are” social. To do social wreaks of used car salesmanship (I mean this in the smarmiest fashion and not just the profession of selling cars that have been previously owned). Being social as a company or an organization means leaving fear behind and admitting that people have opinions and want to share. Being afraid you’ll say/tweet the wrong thing, being afraid someone will trap you in verbal discourse, make you admit something you’re not prepared to admit or talk about — these fears can be very real for organizations trying to become more transparent. The what-ifs sometimes frighten people so much that it leads to social paralysis, where they do absolutely nothing, merely sit on the sidelines watching/listening to others.

It’s no wonder it happens. Have you ever found yourself deciding you won’t go out because you’re not sure who you’ll know and what you’ll do. So you sit it out at home. Maybe you get a report from your friends on Monday about all the fun they had or maybe you get a text that night or you watch as they check into some really amazing places on foursquare (and you’re stuck at home). The fun doesn’t stop because you chose not to be a part. The events still occur the conversations are still had. Maybe your friends are discovering some new fun places and people to be with and maybe the next time they ask you to join them you decide you will. Because it’s never too late to get out there and you realize the reason you didn’t join them before was really more about excuses than valid reasons.

Social media is social. The same social rules that apply to polite conversation apply to social media. No matter what gurus tell you, being human and caring about those around you are the best ways to connect. It’s not about the time of your tweet; it’s about the content. Don’t make every conversation about you, your product or service. Don’t let your ego get in the way of good conversation.

Be social. Don’t “do” social.


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