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Sharing is Caring: why you need to “share” more of yourself

by | May 24, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

For an introvert like me, social media is not always easy. I love sharing others’ content but opening up about who I am (personally, not professionally) is a challenge. My inner circle knows me but the outer periphery can only make guesses. What I chose to share is “common” to most people. That’s safe but not inspiring.

As I “get to know” people on Twitter, Pinterest and other social sharing sites, I realize how important it is to let people in. Take Pinterest for instance. If you look at my personal boards you’ll see recipes and vacation spots and my favorite books. You will not see how I spend my weekends, pictures of kids (or whether I have any), blog ideas, admittance of weakness…you get the idea. It’s all very vanilla. It won’t rock the boat or offend anyone. But it is also very forgettable.

If you are “doing” social media for business purposes you can’t afford to be forgettable. Post pictures that will evoke a feeling. Share content that people can identify with because it registers with them. Give them something to remember you by. People do business with people. People join organizations because there’s something in it for them and they know what that “something” is. If you don’t share in that way that is borderline uncomfortable for introverts like me, people will never long to be associated with you. Don’t be afraid of alienating; you don’t need to cast a big net. You are looking for a very specific type of member or customer. Don’t be afraid to target the individual who will benefit most from your offerings. Show them who you are and learn about them; don’t hold the beauty of what makes your organization unique hostage. This is no time to play it safe.

I’m working more on sharing “me.” How about you?


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