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Seth Godin on Social Networking: It’s not about the numbers

by | Jul 29, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

In this video Seth Godin sums up the importance of recognizing the difference between having an army of followers and an army of do-ers (or people with which you have had a valuable exchange).

So often in social networking we use numbers as an indication of our popularity and fail to assign any value to the actual connection we share with these people. Will 5,000 followers make you a successful business or is the real importance not in numbers but in building relationships?


How do you build these relations? It starts with doing something for someone. Give them something they can’t get elsewhere. Help them connect in ways that are easy and effective. For members who are not involved in social networking, your organization can show them the value behind it. While for your members who are social networking gurus, you can provide user friendly tools that allow them to stay connected with minimal effort.  

Contact us today and we can help you provide both the social networking tools for your members and the membership management solutions for you. After all, huge numbers of friends or followers are just that — huge and unmanageable. Isn’t it time that you start turning those numbers into connections?


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