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Reporting Made Easy

by | Mar 24, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

Most insiders will tell you the best way to ensure a healthy online community is to begin by creating and/or knowing your power users. These are the folks you can count on to log in everyday and update profiles, start discussions, create blogs, upload pictures….basically what you want everyone else to do. They become the (virtual) first kid in the pool who coaxes everyone else in by telling them how great it is. knows you want to be able to gage the health of your online community and in order for you to be better equipped to do so, they have created online member management software that provides built-in reporting features. These reports can be run from the backend so your users are not aware of them. They can report on amount (or number) of blog activity, profiles changed, member sign-ins and member-to-member messages. This robust reporting feature also allows you to find out who your top 100 posters, photo uploaders and message senders are. Activity (such as posting, uploading and blogging) is the lifeblood of your member community and what will draw people in. It’s also a great way to gage its health. If your goal is to increase member involvement, this reporting feature will quickly become like the rest of the technology in your life — something you just can’t live without.


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