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Quoted: How to Keep Your Alumni Office from Going Extinct

by | Jul 29, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

The following quote appeared in a blog post at Mashable The Social Media Guide:

Andrew Gossen, senior associate director for class affairs and social media at Princeton University’s Alumni Association, said that if schools don’t provide alumni with the necessary tools to connect, they will find them on their own. “And if that happens, we become irrelevant and the tools replace a lot of the functions of our (alumni) offices,” Gossen said.

So get off the sidelines and enter the game. We’d love to talk to you about how an online social network can work for you and your alumni as well as your entire university or school community. We’ll design the site with your branding and can work with an existing setup or start one from scratch. Our software not only helps your former students connect, it can do the same for existing and future ones as well. Plus it integrates beautifully with their existing networks through the “My Networks” feature (a portal for reaching their outside networks) and our SocialConnect(tm) application, (which allows your members to use their Facebook credentials to logon and transcribes their activity on your community to their Facebook walls). Help them connect and you’ll be the center of their online community. Making a decision to do nothing is doing something. It’s causing your members to circumscribe you and none of us want that.


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