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Persistence is Key in Social Media

by | Mar 5, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

I attended a community meeting last night. Not an online one but a real face-to-face, old-fashioned kind of meeting. It was full of the usual governmental bureaucracy and disagreement but the comments of one of my neighbors stuck with me.

He said no matter what we decide, this needs to be a campaign not a try once and forget it. Now he was talking about the revitalization of my ghetto-like neighborhood but the same advice can be applied to social media. Your efforts must be one of a campaign. And like every successful campaign you need a strategy, resources and a mentality that you are in it until you win it.

Social media is about building bridges. You can’t tweet once and give up because Oprah and her scads of minions didn’t immediately follow your brilliance. This is a long-term commitment, like any relationship your networks grow stronger as you share experiences, information and wisdom.

So maybe you’re at the beginning of this process or maybe you’re firmly entrenched in it. Now you just keep plugging away knowing that every blog post, every upload and every contact you make puts you one step closer to reaching your social media goals.  Persistence is a best practice.


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