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Optimizing Your Offsite – Friday Fix

by | Jul 6, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

Making It Just RightWhen I first heard about Daniel Pink’s book Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us, I wasn’t in a hurry to read it. I’ve always considered myself a pretty good reader of people and am quick to identify motivators and personality quirks. So I figured this would be a good book when I got around to it but as I was browsing the library shelves looking for some books on engagement it was there. Although I haven’t read it cover to cover yet I do find myself popping open a page and scanning for gems. This book is full of them. Here’s one I’m repurposing into an innovative Friday Fix:

Pink talks about replacing your off-site (planning or review) meeting with a FedEx Day. A FedEx Day allows people to work on things they want to do. Before we all start grumbling about giving staff a beach day, let’s explore how it can benefit your group and your organization. Pink suggests one rule: participants must deliver something — a new idea, more efficient method of doing something, a cost-savings approach, etc., and they have to produce it or present it the following day. Pink reminds us “real challenges are far more invigorating than controlled leisure.”

How are you finding new ways to invigorate your team?


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