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Online Alumni Directory: Where Alumni Connect

by | Jun 20, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

Every college has its own alumni association; for many colleges the list of members can number in the thousands. Trying to keep track of all of them used to be almost impossible and hugely time consuming. The alumni directory may have been kept at the school library on thousands of forms in drawers and boxes and who knew where else. The information could have been easily over time and updating was done manually on paper – a herculean task.

Today we have the convenience and ease of an online alumni directory. Now a quick import of data can replace hours or administration time. With alumni management software, your members can update their profiles easily from any web access point, whether they are at home, the office or connecting through a mobile web-enabled phone.

Creating an online community with an alumni directory is a great way to keep your alums connected. The instant chat feature will tell your members which of their connections are online. Through the My Networks feature, they can see and connect, to others’ social networking pages. Your alumni site then becomes a one-stop shop for your members to not only find others but connect with them as well. A member can go to five of the top social networking sites (and spend enormous amounts of time) to figure out if his or her college roommate has an account or the alum can come to your site, do one search and find all of the social network pages the friend is registered on. What a great way to drive traffic to your site!

You can also send bulk e- invitations or save-the-date announcements to reunions, mixers and/or alum events. An online alumni directory allows you to stay connected with the members of your online community. Poll them to figure out how you can best serve their needs. Information like this will help you tailor your community to make it more interesting to them and keep them coming back. Get a head count for your next homecoming with the event management software, included in your price. In addition to the database your software includes features like newsletter templates, intuitive content management system, and a host of customizable options that will energize your online alumni community.

The search capabilities on alumni software from are robust. The admin can make fields such as name, class, starting year (of college) or even former teachers’ names searchable. Equally as important as the features of the alumni database is security. On the site’s frontend, only registered members can have access to the information and a member may choose to hide certain information from the membership (the admin can still access it). For Your security is a priority. Not only do we maintain the information for you on our servers, we take every aspect of security very seriously and work to continuously upgrade your software to make sure that your database remains very secure.


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