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Numbers aren’t Strategy

by | Apr 17, 2012 | Industry News & Trends

We all have financial goals to obtain, be it membership goals, sales goals, event ticket goals or any other. But knowing what you want to sell from a dollar/revenue standpoint is not the same thing as developing the strategy behind it.

If I decide I want to go on a cruise around the world next March, knowing how much it will cost is only part of figuring out how I will get there. Think of the cost of the trip as your sales goal. It’s not enough to know the amount. If I don’t implement a plan on how I will save for it, how I will get to port and what I will bring, I will probably not be taking that trip.  To reach your revenue goals you must also have a strategy. 

A budget begins the conversation as knowing the parameters of what you can spend does alter strategy. Strategy inspires; strategy keeps your staff focused on the end goal as something more than just numbers. Throwing out a number to your organization without clear communication on the mission behind it is like dumping them in the ocean, pointing at the cruise ship on the horizon and telling them, “get there.” Yes, hopefully most of them will make it but other than survival they’ll have no idea why they should or what will be waiting for them once they do.  Sadly, some organizations confuse communicating revenue goals with organizational ones. After all, numbers aren’t strategy.

Communicate your organization’s goals outside of the revenue cycle. Make sure your staff knows what they are working towards. When they get there make sure to have saved them a deck chair.

Is this something your organization is struggling with? Is strategy just an afterthought?


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