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New Membership Management Features from

by | Jun 29, 2011 | Industry News & Trends

We’re always adding new features here at and we’ve compiled some of our most recent below.

A few months back we launched a robust custom queries and reports feature (in addition to our pre-defined reports). Now we’ve added survey and quiz data to our custom queries and reports. Our customers can locate desirable responses on surveys with a couple of quick clicks and they can save those queries for future reference.

Plus we now support AZW, EPUB, MOBI, SCE, SCI and XCOS file types in our resource manager, store products area, blog & forum posts and member files and links.

And we are really happy with the new membership configuration options that have been added to support an even greater range of dues collection practices. Our customer organizations may now choose to pro-rate annual dues payments, provide an expiration grace period, and adjust the way in which expiration dates are calculated.

To find out more about these new features and enhancements or the hundreds preceding them, contact us today. As always these features have been rolled out to our customers as part of their service, no upgrade fees or downloads necessary.


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