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by | Feb 24, 2010 | Industry News & Trends

We just keep adding to our online community offerings. Our customers are now benefiting from the following enhancements/new features:

  • Donations and store order transactions can now be reassigned from one member to another member.
  •  A printable view button has been added to event registrations, contact forms, donations, dues and store orders. In addition, an email invoice button has been added to donations, dues and store orders.
  • The Bookmark Widget to “share” site content has been added to custom pages and can be enabled on a per custom page basis.
  • Group admins can now configure the registration restriction option to make group events available to signed-in members only.
  • Members can now mark news items as a favorite.
  • Administrators can now assign an “end time” to events  (used for iCal functionality). 

And as always, these features are available immediately (no downloads needed) at no additional cost for our customers.


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