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New Features: Mobile Now! and Walls

by | Oct 6, 2009 | Industry News & Trends has rolled out more new features!

The Mobile NOW! Feed
The NOW! feed (’s micro-blogging feature) is now accessible through mobile devices. Cross posting is available when adding posts to the NOW! feed — or add posts independently from the NOW! feed so they are available only via the Mobile NOW! feed. In addition, when a news item or event is added, administrators will have the option to post the item to the Mobile NOW! feed.


To deliver enhanced value to — and encourage greater participation from — your members, has rolled out three new enhancements that consolidate site activity into various “feeds” and “walls.” Via these new features, information that once was dispersed across multiple areas of your site now is presented in more-centralized locations — which act as convenient portals to other sections of your online community.

Personal Wall enhanced your members’ personal profile pages with the addition of a new “wall” feature. The personal wall feature enables a member to post entries to his/her personal wall and allows that member’s connections to post to his/her personal wall. Public activity, such as registering for events (with visible RSVP lists) or posts made to blogs, is also presented on the member’s personal wall. Member’s can opt to turn off their personal walls.

Personal Feed
A member’s personal profile page also contains a “feed” of site activity that is relevant to that specific member. Items such as activity within groups to which that member belongs are now listed in that member’s personal feed. Personal feeds are visible only to that specific member.

Personal Wall Administrative Configuration customers can configure each Member Type to allow members of that type to “maintain a personal wall.” Additionally, they can configure the profile view (when viewing another member’s profile page) to default to either the member’s My Wall tab or My Profile tab.

Group Wall
In addition, each group now has its own group wall to which group members can post. The group wall also contains a consolidated list of activity specific to that group. listens to customer input and provides a complete online community with robust tools that benefit both the administrators and the social community members.


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