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New Features: API Version 1.5 now Available

by | Nov 11, 2009 | Industry News & Trends

NEW-lightning-button2We’ve rolled out a great new API and a new report that helps our clients manage duplicate records. More information below:

API Version 1.5 (application programming interface) Available
The API is available to all current customers free-of-charge. The XML-based API (v1.5) enables our customers to programmatically automate the management and synchronization of data between and third-party applications and databases.

The new version 1.5 provides enhanced membership data management methods AND delivers financial transaction data.
Financial Transaction Data
The API exports donations, dues transactions and store orders for integration into third-party applications or offline databases. Export of store orders includes product information and financial data for order fulfillment and reporting. The API also exports career openings from within their online member communities, if applicable.
Enhanced Member Data Management
The secure API allows them to query, create and update online member profiles and member data as well as conduct real-time import/export of core member data. 
The API also facilitates access to multiple areas of a member’s profile including media galleries, message centers and wall features. Version 1.5 of the API provides functionality for image uploading to a member’s media gallery, browsing of albums and photos, retrieval of a member’s media gallery album list, retrieval of a member’s media gallery item list, and retrieval of a single media gallery item.
For managing member messages, the API returns a list of messages from a member’s inbox and/or sent folder and allows members to read messages and send member-to-member messages. The API also returns a member’s connection category list and a member’s complete connection list, and it enables connection request approval or denial.
For member wall management, the API returns a member’s entire wall and enables posts to a member’s wall.
Version 1.5 also enables external systems to query your database for new members and member information that has been modified since a specific date. For directory searches, the API member directory search enables keyword searching across the community directory. Other features include methods for retrieving recent community activity and snapshots of member profile data that help create an enhanced user interface experience in external, integrated applications.
NOW! Micro-blog Feed
The API also enables feed retrieval of the RSS 2.0 community NOW! feeds.
New Report
A new report had been added called “Duplicate Constituent IDs.” This report will identify people that have duplicated offline IDs in the “Constituent ID” field.


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