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New Feature – URL Redirect System

by | Dec 9, 2009 | Industry News & Trends has just rolled out another nifty feature.  The URL redirect system allows you to configure custom URLs that send the user to a different destination. For example, you might have a URL such as “” that would take the web user to a specific New Year’s event you are promoting or add a holiday item to your online store and promote it through the URL redirect system.

The system can also be used to ensure that non-existent URLs (for example from a previous version of the site or pages under construction) are handled properly so the user is not left with a “404 File Not Found” message. Redirects can be configured as “permanent redirects” (an HTTP 301 Status Code) or as “temporary redirects” (HTTP 302 Status Code). knows that providing robust features for your members is essential to driving traffic to your online community. That is why we are consistently upgrading our offerings. New features are always available instantaneously (no downloads required) and are free of charge for existing customers.


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