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New Feature: More Efficient eCommerce

by | Nov 24, 2009 | Industry News & Trends knows you need more than simple management software and we are continually enhancing our product so that it is the most feature-rich in its price point. Our dues, donations and store commerce systems have been enhanced to improve invoice and accounting flow. We’ve just introduced:

  • Dues, donations and store all have printable invoices available via auto-email notification and their respective “thank you” pages. If the transaction has been paid via credit card and real-time processing is active on your site then the invoice will show a zero balance due – “PAID.” If “bill me” has been selected, then the invoice will show the total amount as remaining due. 
  • Invoice headers and footers can be customized within the page summary system to include payment remittance information and other pertinent billing information.
  • Unique invoice numbers on transactions. This invoice number has been seeded for all previous transactions. In addition, a new field has been provided for Check/Reference number and payment terms. These three fields have been added to transaction exports and the API.
  • Default payment terms have been added for each of the three commerce systems.
  • Thank you emails sent from the notification system when someone submits membership dues or donations have been updated with links to the invoice.
  • Transaction search within each of the three commerce systems has been enhanced to include: status, pre-set date range, custom date range, invoice #, check/reference #, payment option, and failed credit card transaction.
  • The ability to resend an invoice (via email) for a specific transaction or to a group of transactions based on the search performed. In addition you can ”remove” specific people from the results set before sending the email for your selected transactions (one-off invoice emails are sent immediately, while mass sending will auto-queue a bulk email).
  • Recording (on the transaction details page) of the administrator who closes out a transaction.

We invest considerably in the continual upgrade of our product because we believe in offering our customers the most current technology for the best price.


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